Welcome to The Barbados Guardians

Our name The Barbados Guardians is taken from our national anthem, signifying we intend to act as Guardians of our natural environment.

As Barbadians, we have been blessed with an idyllic tropical island for a home...and yet, we strew litter far and wide as though Barbados were our own personal 14 x 21 mile garbage dump. Worse yet, we alienate visitors who come from more environmentally-aware countries, and that means our littering has a profound negative effect on Barbados tourism.

Over fifty years ago when Barbados became independent, the world Environmental Movement was taking shape. Now, we'd like to change the Barbadian propensity to toss litter instead of disposing of it properly.

Imagine a cleaner Barbados!

The Barbados Guardians
The Barbados Guardians