Join The Barbados Guardians

Barbados Guardians is a community group dedicated to reducing/eliminating the act of littering in Barbados. Our methodology is presenting a quiet, smiling and friendly manner as we dedicate time and energy as indivuals and collectively to eliminate litter from an area while simultaneously vividly demonstrating the benefits of a clean environment.

By completing the below registration form, the participant agrees to be available for these activities, which will always have at least one adult mentor. Organizers will provide gloves, branded T-shirts, and other hygienic protection as needed.

Together, we can make a difference!

Registration Form

By registering with the Barbados Guardians, I certify that I am willing and able to comply with the principles and environmental advocacy of the organization. I agree to publicly represent the Guardians in a positive and productive way at all times and to volunteer my efforts to create a cleaner Barbados.